Large 3" 7-Segment 4-Digit Up/Down Counter/Timer

Large 3" 7-Segment Four Digit Up/Down Counter/Timer.


  • Four large bright 3" Red 7-segment displays
  • Count up (0 to 99:59) or count down from preset (99:59 to 0) modes
  • Sports timer mode: count 3..2..1..buzzer..count up
  • Event counter (input for sensor or switch)
  • Continuous, one shot, or intermittent buzzer
  • RS485 capable for synchronizing multiple slave units to a master unit (optional)
  • External relay output control with LED indicator
  • Start/stop and lap (freeze while running) timer functions
  • Mode and three setup switches
  • All mode settings stored in non-volatile EEPROM (restored on power-up)
  • Double sided silkscreened and solder masked high quality PCB (11" x 4.65")
  • 16V DC adapter (not included)
  • 16F1938 PIC based project electronic kit
  • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested
  • Custom wood case available as a purchase option
  • Great as a kitchen or laundry room timer