RS232 to TTL-5V Converter Mini Board

Our new RS232 converter board is a quick and easy solution to adding RS232 communication to your project. The board connects directly to most standard micro-controller UART's to provide simple 2-wire communication via standard IDC 10-pin cable or 6-pin proto board connector. The board incorporates the industry standard MAX232 for signal conversion and buffering. Suitable for standard TTL 5V input. The RS232 Converter Mini Board is a quick and easy solution for adding RS232 communication to your project. This compact and inexpensive board can be used on most control systems and microcontroller based projects including PIC, AVR and Stamp.


  • Includes MAX232
  • Easily add RS232 communications to your project
  • Compact and easy to mount board
  • Standard header connectors for proto board or IDC 10-pin cable
  • Female D-SUB9 connector
  • Ideal for use with our development protoboard
  • High quality double sided printed circuit board with silk-screen and two mounting holes
  • Fully assembled and tested

  • Maxim MAX232 Datasheet