LED Christmas Star

Hypnotic LED Christmas star - perfect Christmas tree topper, mantle or door ornament.


      • Twenty bright 10mm LEDS (yellow, red, green, blue per segment)
      • Star Burst, Ripple, Random, Clock modes
      • Variable speeds, forward/reverse, change direction, variable segments
      • Randomizer mode selection
      • Auto-off 4hr timer
      • DC adapter (optional)
      • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested

      • Default on mode is randomizer (15s per random display mode)
        4 hr timer shuts down to sleep mode - press button to wake up

        Pressing button initially blanks the display,
             after 2s, one branch lights
             after 4s, the next branch lights

        Press button less than 2s to change to next mode
        Press button greater than 2s but less than 4s to toggle randomizer mode on/off
        Press button greater than 4s to put into low current sleep mode - press again to turn on