16 Key Keypad Mini Board

Our new keypad mini-board includes 16 keys for hex or standard numeric data entry. Positive contact tactile switches are included in a standard matrix arrangement. An 8-bit data bus is required for pulsing and monitoring the keys. Pull-Up resistors are included, together with a standard easy to connect IDC 10-pin connector for interfacing. This board can be used with any micro-controller (PIC, AVR, Stamp), with each pin separately polled or by using a series of interrupt pins to monitor the keys. The keypad mini-board will work with our development protoboard and is an easy to use solution for data entry or simply as a series of switches.


  • 16 Keys included for hex and numeric input
  • Keys arranged in standard matrix format
  • Easily add keypad input to your projects
  • Compact and easy to mount board
  • Standard header 10-pin IDC header connector
  • Ideal for use with our development prototype boards
  • Bonus: Cable included ($3 value)
  • High quality double sided printed circuit board with silk-screen and two mounting holes
  • Fully assembled and tested