Electronic 5mm LED Mini Flasher

    A novel LED mini-flasher for motorcycles, bicyles, PC cases or enhancing other displays.

  • Nine 5mm high intensity LEDs (Red, Green and yellow)
  • Operates as flasher or voltage monitor
  • Mode switch (Flashing, all on, ripple, alternating, in/out, in/out/in,
    • back/forth (cylon), back/forth by two (cylon), sleep)
  • In voltage monitor mode, LED's represent 10v to 14v range in 500mv steps
    • (operating range 8v-16v) hysteresis to prevent oscillations
  • Plug into car cigarette lighter with adapter (not included) to monitor car voltage
  • Power on demo mode cycles through all display modes for 10s each
  • Last operating mode saved in non-volatile (EEPROM) memory
  • Sleep mode after one hour
  • Double sided silk-screened and solder masked high quality PCB
  • 12V DC adapter (optional)
  • PIC16F688 based electronic kit
  • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested

  • Kit requires basic soldering skills
    Warning: never look directly into high intensity LED's -- eye damage may occur!