Development Proto Board

Development PIC® proto board with large proto space for developing and debugging microcontroller projects.


  • Supports 16F886 (included), 16F916 and 18F2550 series 28-pin PICŪ microcontrollers
  • 5VDC power with pwr LED utilizing DC power adapter (not included)
  • Programming header compatible with programmer and in-circuit debugger
  • Port A, B, C headers for plugging in add-ons (keypads, RTC, LCD displays, etc — not included)
  • Master clear switch
  • Utilizes internal oscillator feature of microcontrollers eliminating need for external crystal
  • Large proto space with power and gnd bus
  • PIC® pre-programmed with LCD/RTC/keypad demo code (see video)
  • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested