LED Clock

Hypnotic LED Clock with Real Time Clock (Date and Time) and Temperature.


      • Forty-five bright 5mm Red LEDS
      • Display date and time utilizing DS1307
      • Displays temperature utilizing DS18B20
      • Cycle mode between time, date and temperature
      • Real Time Clock (RTC) stores Date and time when powered off
      • Single Mode switch to change modes and perform setup
      • 16F886 PIC based project electronic kit
      • Double sided silkscreened and solder masked high quality PCB
      • DC adapter (optional)
      • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested

      • To enter debug mode: During initial power-on LED cycle, press mode button.
        Press mode button to cycle through character set.

        To enter setup mode: During normal operation, press mode button for greater than 1s.
        Press mode button to cycle through operation modes:
              1 = Time
              2 = Date
              3 = Temperature
              4 = Cycle all three
              5 = Set Time
              6 = Set Date
        Press and hold mode button greater than 2s to select mode.

        In set time or set date mode, press mode button less than 2s to increment each
              digit (only valid digits are allowed). Press mode for greater than 2s to
              save current selection.

        Note: display blanks when mode button is pressed.
              after 1s, first row turns on
              after 2s, second row turns on