Dual Color LED Binary Clock

Dual Color (red & green) LED Binary Clock.


  • 25 Dual Color LED's representing binary time
  • Select red or green for AM/PM or single color
  • Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) & Binary-coded sexagesimal clock Modes
  • Display Time (12hr or 24hr) utilizing high accuracy DS3231
  • Plays Westminster Chime on the hour (night time quiet mode or may be disabled)
  • 24hr reoccurring alarm (pulsating or continuous) with 10 min snooze alarm
  • DST adjust mode
  • Separate intensity adjustment (0 to 15) for day time and night time
  • 24hr reoccurring alarm (one shot, intermittent, continuous or 7 different tunes) with 10 min snooze Alarm
  • External relay control output
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) saves date and time when powered off
  • Mode and three setup switches
  • All mode settings stored in non-volatile EEPROM (restored on power-up)
  • 16F1938 PIC based project electronic kit
  • 12V DC adapter operation (not included) or battery operation
  • Double sided silk-screened and solder masked high quality PCB (100mm x 85mm)
  • Available in kit or fully assembled and tested